What’s Bonus issue?

Bonus Issue And Its Effects Of Stock Price – Bonus share is a free share of the stock given to the current shareholders of a company. It is based on number of shares that a shareholder owns. While an issue of the bonus shares will increase the number of shares owned and issued, it doesn’t

October 19, 2019

Market Jargons

Market Jargons to Get Familiar With – Individuals who have interest or enthusiasm in stock trading generally lack the domain knowledge about the market. Even though trading does not needs lots of money and time, it is important to equip yourself with some fundamental tools and training in order to take the correct decisions. Let

October 19, 2019

How Dividends Can Impact Stock

How Dividends Can Impact Stock Market – There are many different factors that affect stock prices. Demand and supply plays an important role in the up and down of the stock prices. Some other factors include fear and greed. There is something else when the company pays the dividend. In real stock market trading, it

October 19, 2019

Exchange Traded Funds

Exchange traded funds – What It Is All About? Exchange-traded funds are a simple or low-cost way of getting investment returns just like share index or underlying asset. But, some ETFs are highly risky and complex than others. So, here we will explain the challenges and what you have to know before investing in it.

October 19, 2019

Stock Market Indices

Stock Market Index – Stock market index is the statistical measure that shows changes happening in the market. To make an index, some similar types of stocks are selected from the securities listed on an exchange and combined together. Stock market index will appear like a barometer that shows an overall condition of a market.

October 19, 2019

Stock Market Capitalisation

Stock Market Capitalization Market Capitalization generally represents the collective value of the company. It can be obtained by multiplying their outstanding number of shares by the existing price per share. Let’s take an example, if a company has 20,000,000 outstanding shares and with the share price of 20 Rs. per share then Market Capitalization of

October 19, 2019

Stock Market Participants

Part of the SEC operation is maintaining standards for orderly, efficient and fair markets. For doing this, SEC regulates many stock market participants. It includes: Stock exchange – The stock exchanges play a very important role in the share markets of India. They offer the organized market for the companies and investors to buy &

October 19, 2019

Stock Market Instruments

What Are Financial Instruments Of Stock Market? Financial markets collectively bring millions of people together from across the world a wide range of financial instruments. Being one of the biggest markets, there’re many different securities and instruments that you can trade as well as take benefit of the price movements to get in optimal profit.

October 19, 2019

Primary and Secondary Market

There has been a big dilemma on which one is better, from the primary market and the secondary market. Basically, both of them share the same aim, helping companies to get capital funding. But, the major factor that will differentiate both of them is a process used for collecting the funds. Primary Market – The

October 19, 2019

Introduction to Stock Market

Introduction to Stock Market – As the name says, stock market is a market for different stocks (or equity). Let’s look at it as a shop where you will go to buy the stock and sell them. To understand it better with an example of the daily grocery items that you will shop for. All

September 25, 2014

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