Future of Algo Trading In India – Remodelling The Stock Market

With a boom in the technological advancements in financial market and trading applications, the high-frequency trading and algorithmic trading is accepted and welcomed by exchanges all across the world.

Within a year, it is one common way for trading in developed markets and is rapidly spreading in our developing economies as well. It’s necessary to learn algo trading to trade the markets “profitably”.

The trading uses the automated and pre-programmed trading systems to execute the orders in stock exchange. From 2008, algorithmic trading in India has gained huge prominence and many big institutions are using it very efficiently for their benefit so much so that good percentage of market turnover is done through the same.

Hence it’s time we get into the mainstream of automated trading especially now when the exchange itself is thinking to extend its trading hours from existing 6 1⁄2 hours to approx. 131⁄2 hours. We believe this is not humanly possible for individuals to trade for such long hours. Its technology which seems to be so alien rite now will become need of the hour for all institutes & individuals who are actively trading.

The Indian trading market provides decently good opportunity to Algo traders with their :-

  • Sophisticated technology and co-location facilities at the major exchanges
  • Stock exchanges are liquid and well-established
  • Smart routing system.

What we offer: We offer tailor-made strategy(s) automation or automation of customized strategy(s) provided by our clients on our technologically advanced platforms thorough intermediaries.

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