Equity Broking

We are service providers in the equity broking space. We serve retail as well as HNI’S & UHNWI’S customers.

Our expert Research Team continuously monitors activities and trends across sectors, markets, categories and companies to bring you robust and high growth oriented investment strategies.Our expert Research Team continuously monitors activities and trends across sectors, markets, categories and companies to bring you robust and high growth oriented investment strategies. Our Research Team is supported by a bench-marked customer service system and state of the art technology infrastructure. We offer our customers ease of trading through online as well as offline channels.

Trade In Shares With Confidence

History has shown that equity is the best asset class delivering the highest return in the long term and is a good hedge against inflation. When you buy a stock, you become the owner of the company with a stake proportional to the value of your stocks.

Invest or trade in stocks with Infimoney Ventures by accessing a range of resources like real-time quotes, strong research, guidance from experts, latest market news and analysis and the most powerful trading platforms to ensure you have the power to build your strategy the way you want.

Get The Level Of Support You Want

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned trader, with Infimoney Ventures you get the level of support and guidance you need. Whether you are pursuing a trading idea or need advice on a stock our experts will provide you insights and tools to make the right decision.

Beginners (Mentoring): Ideal for beginners, under this service our advisers will assist and educate you on a ongoing as well as live real time basis.

Self-directed trading : Ideal for seasoned investors or traders who need to invest from the comfort of their home through a choice of our powerful online trading platforms. Get access to latest market news and insights, in-depth research and our experts who’ll provide you any information you need.

Broker assisted trading : Ideal for investors or traders who like the traditional way and need assistance with placing their trades to getting latest information through their adviser.



    Unbiased investment recommendations backed by in-depth research.


    From online trading to the transfer of funds to accessing your account everything is automated and hassle-free.


    Combination of user-friendly interface combined with Infimoney’s powerful trading platforms.


    Stay on top with immediate updates of your portfolio with our SMS and email alerts and online backoffice services.


    Assistance at every step of the investment process.


    On the phone, through email, or one-on-one through personal service. No matter what level of support you need, our executives are always ready to assist you.


    We believe in developing strong & creating a long-lasting relationships with our clients & channel partners.


    We beleive whether the investor is a regular retail HNI/UHNI our treatment to one & all will be unbiased reagrdless of what they get on the table.


Spotting of market opportunities in a timely manner.
Advice on risk and return potential.
Tailor made recommendations.
Strategies for maximizing returns.
24×7 access to account information through various channels.

Interested in learning nuance of trading?

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